30 Health Benefits of White Wine
White wine is one kind of alcoholic beverages. Indeed, white wine main ingredient is grape by fermentation process. Meanwhile, there are different methods of each wine making. Thus, white wine is popular in countries with four seasons such as America and Europe countries. Nevertheless, in Asia and Africa white wine is rarely touch as their religious and cultural issues. Actually, white wine is made by grape, the natural fruit, so it has nutrient contents too.

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Nutrients in White Wine


Who says white wine is nothing? White wine contains 3% magnesium in one serving. Thus, magnesium needs in body in that average amount, which function to produce enzyme in body. Also, the are small amount of other minerals that you get by drinking in moderate drink, which are calcium, iron, zinc, potassium and phosphorus. As a result, those minerals are the main important parts to maintaining body structures and works.


White wine also contains vitamin that may surprise you. Indeed, in one serving white wine contains about 3% vitamin B2 or it calls riboflavin. Also, white wine contains vitamin B6 dan B3 (niacin) which are the best source of producing extra energy for body. As a result, white wine contains the three vitamin B which are good for cells and body.

Carbohydrate and Vitamin

White wine contains 2,6 grams carbohydrate out of 225 to 325 g per day your body needs. Also, white wine contains 0,1 grams protein. Meanwhile, that’s better enough than saying white wine is beverage with no amount of nutrients.

Also, white wine contains small amount of calcium, vitamin A, iron, sodium, succinic acid, fumaric acid, glyceric acid, acid kumarat, acid kafeat, beta carotene, lycopene, acid elagat, and brimstone. As a result, white wine contains some nutrients as good as red whine do. As some people thought that white wine is bad for health, some researches found that there are health benefits of white wine. The first benefit of white wine is to warm body. That’s why, people in Europe love to drink it during winter time. As a result, here are the health benefits of white wine in moderate amount.

1. Weight Lost

Are you on diet right now? White wine has lower calories amount than red whine, in fact, that is good reason to keep white wine if you are on calorie restricted diet. Thus, drinking white wine on moderate amount will help you for your weight lost treatment. As a result, you need to keep do a routine exercise to get a better diet result.

2. Have a Better Sleep

Meanwhile, white wine contains relaxing substance to calm the nerves. If you cannot sleep well at night, you can shot a glass of white wine and let it works for you. The substances may let you have a proper sleep. Also, white wine promotes you to feel relaxes, calm, and better psychology so you have a good night sleep.

3. Heart Health Treatment

There are many heart diseases such as heart rhythm disturbances, heart attack, and more that is danger for us. Meanwhile, white wine contains an amount of antioxidant which is good to improve ventricular recovery in the heart. Thus, drink white wine on moderate amount may be alternative to prevent stroke.

4. Cancer Prevention

Everyone of us has the potential of cancer cells yet we need to figure it out. Meanwhile, white wine contains flavonoids which is the source to kill cancer cells. The substances are tyrosol and hydroxytyrosol, which is know beneficial to help decreasing cancer cells growth.

5. Alzheimer Prevention

Alzheimer is one of brain disorder where brain do not have the ability to remember long or short-term memory. Thus, Alzheimer is usually happen by ageing or it effects elderly. Meanwhile, white wine contains neuroprotective that the compound to protect your brain from Alzheimer. So, cheers.

6. Glucose Control

Another benefit of white wine is it’s good for your glucose control, unless you drink it in moderation amount. Thus, if you ever wonder about your glucose level, you don’t have to be now. Indeed, the best time to drink it it’s during evening time to help lower the glucose level. It is just like you drink red wine or water before you sleep. Thus, this may be a good idea for diabetes type two.

7. Artery Blockage Treatment

White wine contains white substances which are tyrosol and hydroxytyrosol. Meanwhile, these two compounds are beneficial to prevent you from getting artery blockage. As a result, artery blockage will caused bad for organs such as blood vessel stooped and bad impact for heart function.

8. Lungs Treatment

So, white wine is beneficial for your lung. A study once found it scientifically. White wine contains antioxidant substances to keep maintaining your lung’s function. Indeed, this benefit is only you can get in you drink in moderation. As a result, be wise to drink white wine in order to improve lung health in the good level.

9. Controls Cholesterol Level

Thus, if you ever heard that red wine has benefit to maintaining cholesterol level, then it is with white wine too. As it is, white wine compounds by grape without seed and it works to maintain someone’s cholesterol level. As a result, you can now drink a shot of white wine with no worry of having high cholesterol level.

10. Promotes Brain Function

Who says you are fool when you drink a shot of white wine? Thus, it is totally not. Meanwhile, Columbia University study has a scientific proven research of 1.416 people that drinking white wine in moderation amount may help to improve brain cells and brain function for sure. So, you would better try it now.

11. Lowers the risk of Colon Cancer

As it said, white wine contains antioxidant which is the natural treatment to kill cancer cells. Thus, drinking white wine in moderate amount may be good to kill colon cancer cells. In order to lower the cancer risk and get a healthier colon. Related: Symptoms of Colon Cancer

12. Reduces Heart Attack Risk

The scientific research found that white wine substance have the ability to reduce heart attack risk. Thus, people who drink in moderate amount have 30% lower risk to experience heart attack than those who is non-drinkers. As a result, it must be good news for white wine lovers.

13. Lowers the risk of Diabetes

Also, people with diabetes type 2 may be wonder if they could drink a shot of white wine or not. Indeed, they can. The scientific research in 2005 have proven that people in moderate drinkers got 30% lowers risk through experiencing diabetes type 2.

14. Lowers the Risk of Stroke

Thus, stroke is usually happen with elderly as their lack of blood clot and heart function. In 2016, there is proven result noted that moderate drinkers have 50% less ability to experience stroke. As a result, we may now be wise to drink white wine and prevent us from stroke.

15. Lowers the Risk of Cataracts

Meanwhile, eyes health is important. Also, we must consume food or beverage with vitamin A as much as we can in order to promote and maintain eyes health. Thus, white wine drinking in moderate can also lower the risk of cataracts for 32%. That is amazing fact.

16. Improves Bone Strength

It’s a shocking thing to know the drinking white wine is beneficial for bone health. Thus, white wine contains mineral that is gone for bone, which is promote bone strength and density. Further, drinking white wine in moderate may reduce the risk of bone disease such as osteoporosis.

17. Promotes Longevity

Thus, who doesn’t want to live longer? Meanwhile, white wine contains alcohol that based on types and its alcohol percentage. Indeed, the alcohol contains won’t kill you straight. Yet, drinking in moderate promotes longevity that spirit drinkers.

18. Hangover Free

Meanwhile, you would not get drunk, hangover, or get mad when you drink white wine. Unlike another types of alcohol that hangover you, white wine is amazingly make you steady. Thus, you can still control yourself, your style when you drink it. So, it must be the wises drink to shot at a party.

19. Classy Drinks

Drinking white wine is perfectly classy. For female, it’s still polite to drink white wine in the crowd. Also, it shows your social class and further your state of mind. Though, people will judge you bad if the found you drink alcohol. Yet, if you drink wine then it would not be happy cause it’s classy.

20. Tasteful Drinks

Indeed, white is made by grapes without seeds and peels. So, it’s tasty for your taste. Also, the smell of wine may relax you. Thus, you would not experience headache, vomit, or bad effects even if you drink it straight. Unlike another types of alcohol, white wine is tasteful.

21. Boosts Creativity

Meanwhile, creative people love to drink just to boost their feelings. Psychologically, drinking white wine has the magic potential to open your mind, your inspiration, and your brain. Somehow, after drinking you become brighter, sharper, and even smarter. Those, that is what happen with creative people who suffer with ideas and innovations.

22. Makes you Happy

Also, drinking white wine makes you happy, at least, feeling better that you have ever been. Thus, white wine has the magic source to entertain you from whatever pain you are suffering in the world. Somehow, drinking wine is the best escape that makes you happier than you ever thought.

23. Reduces Stress

This is the main point of why people drink white wine. Thus, white wine has its own magic nutrients that cut anxiety, bad feelings, or even tiredness. As a result, people love to drink white wine just for fun so they could forget their pain. So, it’s always a way to reduce stress.

24. Warms you Up

Thus, this is the basic benefit. Indeed, people who live in America, Europe, or those in winter love to drink wine. The substance can warm you up, whether the body or the feeling.

Other Facts of White Wine Drinks

25. Improves Immune System – Promotes your body to fight diseases by boosting immune function.

26. Helps Kidney Problems – Helps through basic kidney disease.

27. Antiviral Agents – Believes that white wine acts as antiviral agent.

28. Cardiovascular – White wine contains the source of powerful antioxidant which are tyrosol and hydroxytyrosol for cardiovascular treatment.

29. Antibacterial – Most people use white wine to sterilize wound as it contains alcohol.

30. Anti-Ageing Source – White wine contains antioxidant which is the powerful source of anti-ageing prevention.

Thus, that’s health benefits of white wine if you drink it in moderate amount. So, it may be amazing benefits for health.

Words of Cation for White Wine Drinks

After reading the benefits of drinking white wine, there is also words of cation for you white wine drinkers.

Addictive Drinks

Thus, white wine contains alcohol, no matter in small or big percentage. Meanwhile, alcohol content is addictive and it may be bad for your. Nevertheless, drinking white wine may be good, but still drinking water and mineral is the best beverage ever.

Fatal Alcohol Disorder

Likewise, pregnant mother is not recommended to drink any type or alcohol. As it may be impact bad for the baby. If it is, it may effect to the baby to have disorder structure. So, be wise before we drink.

Health Risks

Even when we drink it in moderate amount, still white wine may cause us to experience health risk such as liver problem and other disease. So, be goo to also consume healthy beverage and food too.

As a result, wine is fermented drink that contains alcohol. Then, white wine is usually made by grapes without its seed, that’s why it has white color wine. While red wine is made by grapes with the whole skin, so it’s red. Meanwhile, red whine has both good and bad sides. It depends on how the individual consume it. If you drink in moderate amount then it may impact you many benefits for health. If it’s not, it’s only make you addicted to it. As a result, we may drink white wine in the party, celebration, or during mean time. Just in case we should know, drink white wine wisely. So, cheers up life.

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