25 reasons men should get married before 30
Many men believe they have to attain a certain financial status before they can settle down and marry. Then, there are those who have comfortable jobs yet choose to delay getting married because they want to sow their oats before tying themselves down with marriage.

Published: December 27, 2017 || Krozx Border || Relationship

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It’s commonplace to hear people talk about how the female folk need to get married early because of their biological clock but early is also good for men.

Dear men, here are 25 reasons to run to the altar before 30.

1. You do it without family pressure to marry or have kids.

2. You grow up together.

3. Less baggage (reduced number of former lovers, and a lesser chance of getting your heart broken too many times).

4. It’s easier to blend and bond.

5. You can have a cost-effective wedding (No one can berate you about working all these years and being stingy with your one special day).

6. You can share a lot more together.

7. You are happier and more balanced than most people your age.

8. You can share crazy and weird moments (You don’t have to worry about acting your age).

9. A strong support system for a possible midlife crisis (When the going gets toughs, there’s someone to hold your hand).

10. Motivation to earn more money (You have people depending on you, get to work).

11. More sex. No worries about protection, contraceptives.

12. A higher rate of fertility.

13. More energy to raise kids.

14. Enough strength to balance career and parenthood.

15. Opportunity to reclaim passions when the kids grow (Once they are all grown, you can get back to living your life).

16. More likelihood of marrying someone you truly love (This way, you don’t have to wonder if she is marrying you for the money or fame).

17. You have enough time to learn on the job.

18. Keeps family bond (You get to attend all those family functions and keep the family together, no room for drifting).

19. Reduced chances of having an emotional bridge between you and your kids.

20. Lower risk of STDs.

21. Makes you more responsible, reliable and accountable.

22. Good kick-start for your savings.

23. People take you more seriously.

24. No room for idleness.

25. Let’s face it, you will never be ready (You will get more dreams as you grow older, just get to it now).

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