These are 5 signs that you are not a selfish lover
If you are wondering whether you have been selfless enough in your relationship, these five things provide answers.

Published: December 12, 2017 || Krozx Border || Relationship


1. Inconveniences

Do you do stuff for your sweetheart even when it is very inconvenient for you? Thumbs up to you. You are a good lover.
Even though you do stuff for them, you do not repeat it to them at every turn

2. You don’t blow your trumpet

If you do things for your lover and bring it up all the time so as to make them feel bad, you are not really the best of lovers.
Yes, you put them first, do things for them when it is inconvenient, etc,
The purpose of all these things is not to hang it over their heads. See these things as sacrifices, things you have done for love, and just let them go. That’s the way to be selfless.

3. You’re understanding

Frankly, being in love, just like life itself, is not a bed of roses. So there are bound to be times that are not as beautiful as all the moments we see on Facebook and other social media channels.
Sometimes, your partner goes through mood swings, experiences disappointments, gets sad and unhappy and this may affect their relation with you in those moments.

You are willing to learn stuff to be closer to them, and be a better lover

Ask yourself now, how do I react in those times?

Do I try to understand them and put myself in their shoes, or do I flare up in annoyance that they do not have my time?

If your answer is the former, you are doing it right.

4. You pick up new interests for their sake

In love, many people find themselves doing stuff they thought they could never do.
If you are have an open mind towards learning new stuff and picking up new interests so as to be closer to your partner and make your relationship work even more, you are exhibiting a sign of selflessness that needs to continue and get improved on.

5. You know when to let a fight go

If your partner messes up and realizes that he/she has done wrong by you, it is totally normal to point it out, and even be pissed off about it.
However, when they realize this and show remorse, a good lover knows that their misery should not be prolonged. A good lover knows better than to bag repeatedly.
Sincere apologies are meant to be accepted as soon as possible and if you are already doing this, all you need to do is keep it up.
You are on the right track.


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