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1 Died, 3 Hospitalised For Eating Poisonous Cassava In Jigawa - KROZX BORDER
An 11 Year old boy, Shehu Abubakar, while three others of the same family have been admitted at Duste General Hospital, in Jigawa state after eating poisonous cassava.

Published: February 06, 2018 || Krozx Border || Health

Shehu Abubakar, a primary school pupil died immediately after police rushed them to the hospital for medical attention.

While the remaining three, 13-years-old Audu Garba, 10-year-old Adamu Gambo and 7-year-Old Bashir Garba are still in the hospital fighting for their lives.

The tragic incident happened when the boys bought a poisonous cassava from the market to quench their hunger at Kudanci quarters in Shiwarin ward of Kiyawa Local government area.

He explained that, “It was on Friday 2nd of February, 2018 that the police got information that four boys of the same family were suffering from serious stomach pain as a result of eating poisonous cassava and are struggling for their lives.”

He added that, “On getting the information without waste of time, our men rushed them to the hospital for medical attention but unfortunately on reaching hospital one died and other three are still alive and getting medical attention”.

Jinjiri noted that the police are making investigation to identify where they bought the cassava in order to arrest the problem.

He, therefore, cautioned cassava sellers to differentiate between mature cassava and free mature which is poisonous and dangerous to human lives.

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