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Chinese Quarry Boss Cuts Off Staff’s Finger In Cross River For Failing To Turn Off Generator
MEN of the Cross River State Police Command have arrested a Chinese national identified as Njaga Chang after it emerged that he cut off the fingers of one of his Nigerian colleagues during a dispute at the Xin Xin Quarry in Akamkpa Local Government Area of the state.

Published: February 09, 2016 || Krozx Border || Discovery

In a bizarre incident, Mr Chang cut off one of the right fingers of Nsikak Tommy, 23, after altercation which started because the Nigerian did not turn off the company generator when he was told to. Mr Chang was said to have initially attacked Mr Tommy with a water hose but later resorted to the use of machete when the victim took to his heels.

 Eyewitness Ene Bassey, said the Chinese national was quickly taken away to an unknown destination in Calabar after the incident happened. Apparently, after the incident, the owners of the Xin Xin Quarry, who also own two other quarries in Akamkpa Local Government Area known as Expanded and Fughou Quarries, rather than attend to the injured man, ferried the Mr Chang to Calabar to hide him.

Ms Bassey said:  “The incident happened at about 4.30 pm on Saturday. The Chinese man was angered by the Nigerian’s slow response when he was told to turn on a generator at the quarry.

"Chang had initially started with insults on the Nigerian but later attacked Nsikak Tommy with a water hose but as Tommy tried to escape from the assault, Chang chased him with a machete. He first deflated the tyres of Tommy’s motorcycle to prevent him from fleeing and tried to cut his head and instinctively, Tommy raised his hand to block the cut aimed at his head but in the process, the machete cut off one of his fingers."

 She added that it was Mr Tommy’s fellow Nigerian workers at the quarry that managed to take him for treatment at the Bakor Medical Centre in Calabar. Police in Akamkpa arrested and later released Mr Chang on bail after he had agreed to settle the matter.

John Eluu, a spokesman for the Cross River State Command, said: “Yes, I got confirmation from the divisional police officer that the Chinese national was arrested and taken to Akamkpa but was later released on bail. They agreed to settle the matter amicably amongst themselves.”

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