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Lagos Health Commission: Medical Guild Rejects Appointment of Non-Medical Doctors As Consultants
The Medical Doctors in the employ of Lagos State Government has rejected the appointment of non-medical/dental doctors as consultants in the Lagos Health Commission. The Chairman, Medical Guild, Babajide Kehinde Saheed, made this known on Thursday, during a briefing at the Lagos State Medical Guild Secretariat.

Published: May 24, 2018 || Krozx Border || Health

This is as a result of the circular released by the Lagos State Government through the office of the Head Service on May 10, 2018. The circulars include the creation of consultant pharmacist cadre in the Scheme of Service and enhancement of career prospect/progression in the State Public Service.
However, Dr Saheed said, the circular will cause disorderliness in the health sector.
Speaking on the Emergency General Meeting of the Medical Guild held on May 23, 2018, the Chairman said the house also reviewed the appointment of non-medical/dental doctor to the position of Permanent Secretary in Lagos State Health Service Commission and advised that such appointment should follow the statues laid down in the Lagos State Health Sector Reform Law 2006.
“The house rejected in its entirety the circular appointing any other cadre of health worker apart from medical and dental doctors as consultant within the hospital setting.
“The house came to the conclusion that the appointment/conferment of other cadres of staff to the category of director within the hospital setting will lead to chaos and anarchy in the health system as such situation will adversely affect patient care, and will prevent delivery of qualitative healthcare to the citizens of Lagos state,” Dr Saheed said.
Among other things, the house appealed to the authorities to ensure that all healthcare facilities in the state remain open and that doctors should have access to all that they need to provide patient care.
Saheed told Enterprise Television that “Governor Akinwunmi Ambode was not given the right information for the appointment,  it makes him look like he does not care about the health of patients. He is not a doctor and not medically qualified and we are concerned about the effect of this on the health system.
“The right person must be appointed. Governor Ambode was not given the right information for the appointment, it makes him look like he does not like the health of patients. He is not a doctor and not medically qualified and we are more concerned on the effect on the system.”
However, the Vice Chairman of the Guild, Jimi Shodipo said the Lagos State Government should have called for a round-table discussion in order to make better decisions.
“Before such circular could be released, what is expected is a round-table discussion. We are more concerned about patient care and healthcare delivery; it is not a battle between two professions.”

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