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Wife Brutally Stabs Husband To Death In Ibadan [GRAPHIC PHOTO]
Nigerian Lawyer Stabs Husband To Death Following A Quarrel Caused By “A Minor Domestic Disagreement” IBADAN, NIGERIA

Published: February 03, 2016 || Krozx Border || Discovery

Lowo Oyediran Ajanaku, 38, was brutally stabbed to death early this morning allegedly by his wife Yewande Oyediran nee Fatoki, at their Akobo estate home in Ibadan in the wee hours of today Feb. 2nd. 

Yewande, a lawyer and a Staff of Directorate of Public Prosecution at the Ministry of Justice, Ibadan, Oyo state, was also found with dislocated shoulders, swollen head and bruised body and she’s now hospitalized. Lowo’s friends uploaded his pictures and have been mourning him on social media since the unfortunate incident took place

The woman hasn’t been arrested yet as she’s said to have vanished after the incident.

The man’s corpse has been deposited at the mortuary while his friends are mourning him on social media.

Marriage is becoming scary lately. Know your spouse properly before proposing. A wife that talks back or nags when her husband talks or can’t follow / abide to her husband should really be checked. You can’t just marry someone you bearly know well. May God grace guild every singles out there, this is really scary.

What do you think might have caused a wife to stab her husband to death??? Huh

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  • Sola 3 years ago Reply
    That’s true Mr diran
  • Diran 3 years ago Reply
    Pls do not comment on what you do not know. From the story you just posted, both of them suffered serious bodily leading to death. Have you thought that they both may have been attacked by a third party? You you also looked from the angle that both of them were in a serious brawl? I mean, for a woman to have dislocated shoulders, swollen head and bruised body points to a big struggle. What if the man too had attempted to take her life? And she fought back. Have you forgotten the story of the Akolades 3years back, when the man turned his wife into minced meat? We’re people not also commenting that the woman should have fought back to protect herself? My point is this: please shut you mouth up and do not write false headlines and stories UNTIL the truth of the matter is revealed by proper police investigation. Either party could be at fault, or who k owe they may have been attacked.
    Thlali 3 years ago
    Well said Diran, a journalist should never be biased! Who made him judge, jury and executioner? Where did he study journalism? The lady in question should sue his assuming mind for all he’s got!
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