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We tried the lonely road, it was not the same Peter says PSquare back together
There are indications that the rift between popular Nigerian R&B group, PSquare duo, has been resolved. From the news of change in management to alleged unsettled family disputes which lingered for a long while, the duo went their separate ways and has been working independently.

Published: July 26, 2016 || Krozx Border || Entertainment

Peter Okoye has, however, lamented that the road has been lonely and tough working solely. On his Twitter handle @peterpsquare on Monday, Peter, in an open letter addressed to fans, hinted Psquare is back for good.

He tweeted: “My dear fans, PSquare is back. Ours is a journey that started from our mother’s womb. It was a journey that started from Primary School, continued to St. Murumba College, to when we were in University in Abuja. It was a journey in which we shared childhood memories and grown up dreams.

“We are back because brothers do not let each other wander in the dark alone. We are back because we have tried the lonely road and it was not the same.

“I want to take responsibility for what has happened and sincerely apologise to you our fans. For supporting us throughout this journey. We owed you so much more than what you have had to endure and I apologise for that.

“We are embarking now on a new journey with exciting new management (Jude Okoye), new music and new ideas.

“We cannot thank you enough for all your prayers and support throughout this difficult period.

“Maya Angelou once said that brotherhood is a condition that people have to work at. We will continue to work on that and you can be prepared to be blown away by this new phase of PSquare.

God bless you all and be assured that you have not seen anything yet,” he added.

Meanwhile, his twin, Paul, is yet to react to the new development.

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