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BREAKING NEWS / END TIME: Enugu Pastor Caught Caving Homosexual Intercourse With One Of His Senior Evangelists
IRATE youths have arrested a church pastor and one of his senior evangelists in Enugu State after  the two of them were caught having sex together in what is the first case of homosexual intercourse between two members of the clergy.

Published: June 19, 2016 || Krozx Border || Society

On January 7 2014, former president Dr Goodluck Jonathan signed Nigeria’s Draconian Same Sex Marriage Prohibition Bill into law, which makes being gay punishable with 14 years in jail. Since the passing of the law, anti-gay vigilantes have swung into action attacking suspects, while the Sharia police the Hisbah, has been going round northern Nigeria rounding up suspects.

Across southern Nigeria, vigilante groups have been known to beat up suspected gays and in one case in March this year, a homosexual was beaten to death by an irate mob in Ondo State. On Friday, this nearly happened in Enugu State when youths from the Ngwo community of Enugu North Local Government Area stormed a church and caught two clergymen having sex.

Apparently, the pastor had been reported earlier to the vigilante group by a 12 year old boy who claimed he was raped by the clergyman and had semen poured into his mouth after the abuse.  However, the vigilante group did not confront the pastor after the report because there was no concrete evidence, so they resolved to monitor him.

On Friday that he was caught pants down when members of the community stormed the building where he and his fellow clergyman were having sex. He was manhandled and paraded before the public to humiliate him.

Upon interrogation, the pastor denied the report of the 12 year old boy, saying he only masturbated and kissed him. It is expected that the clergyman who is of Imo state origin will now be prosecuted under the Same Sex Marriage Prohibition

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