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BREAKING NEWS: Muslim Farmers Contribute Their Meagre Savings To Build Church For Their Christian Neighbours
MUSLIM farmers in a Pakistani village near the city of Gojra in the Punjab Province are putting their savings together to help build a church for the Christians in their neighbourhood in an unprecedented move.

Published: June 14, 2016 || Krozx Border || Society

Known as one of the deadliest flashpoints in the world when it comes to conflicts between Muslims and Christians, Pakistan has been the scene of some of the bloodiest clashes between adherents of both faiths. However, in a sign that the inter-faith hatred and violence may be abating, local Muslim villagers have begun reaching out to their Christian neighbours by providing them with a place to worship.

One Pakistani Christian said: “This church being built by Muslims in a small community is very significant. It shows that people have love in their hearts and if there are those that fuel the fire, there are also those to douse the flames.”

In November last year, 20 Christian men were indicted by a Pakistani high court in Lahore for taking the law into their hands and lynching two Muslim men after deadly bomb attacks on two churches. Since the fall of the Taliban, extremist Pakistani Muslims have been mounting terror attacks on schools and places of worship across the country.

Earlier last year, militant Muslims blew up two churches in Lahore and in a bitter reprisal, Christian youths took to the streets, lynching two Muslim suspects. In March 2015, a mob of enraged Christians lynched two Muslims after two Taliban suicide bombers blew themselves up outside two churches in Lahore, killing more than a dozen people.

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