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Anthony Joshua Just Surprised His Mum with a New Range Rover Worth 80,000 Pounds
Not content with being crowned the IBF heavyweight champion of the world, Anthony Joshua is also determined to shame every son out there by being a better mummy’s boy than you. The 26year old took home a multi million pound purse from his bout with Charles Martin, and was eager to share the wealth with the most important woman in his life his mum, social worker Yeta Odusanya.

Published: April 21, 2016 || Krozx Border || Sport

The newly crowned IBF heavyweight champion of the world wants everyone to share his success and taking to Snapchat yesterday evening, Joshua filmed the moment he brought a brand new Range Rover to his house as a gift for his mum.

The all white Range is thought to be worth around £80,000 and as she stepped inside her new ride for the first time, AJ’s mum couldn’t hide her pride and delight.

Joshua still lives with his mum at their family home in North London.

Despite his success on the Olympic and pro boxing stage, Joshua is one of the most humble men in sport and still lives with his mum  social worker Yeta Odusanya at their former council flat in North London.

In the day after winning the world title when he knocked out Charles Martin in two rounds, AJ was still just as concerned with his domestic responsibilities back home:

    "I’ll have to do my chores. I’ll still do that, buying the milk, eggs, anything like that.

     I do more than my fair share when I’m at home."

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