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Nigerian lady goes missing in Dubai after being lured there under slave contract
IMMIGRATION authorities have warned Nigerians travelling to Dubai to be aware of their security after a visiting tourist Bolanle Olofinjana went missing after she was lured to the country by alleged human traffickers that employed her as a slave worker.

Published: March 22, 2016 || Krozx Border || Discovery

Bolanle Monsurat Olofinjana, with passport number A06971507, was said to have disappeared in Dubai after being defrauded and deceived into believing she was relocating to the United Arab Emirates (UAE). She was asked to visit to secure profitable employment by one Madam Agnes with the help of an agent in Nigeria known as Mr Lanre.

However, after arriving in the UAE, she was introduced to a Middle Eastern family in Dubai, who took possession of her and shielded her from leaving. Bolanle is said to be unable to provide the details of her current location, as a result of her inability to read and understand the Arabic language, although she has access to the internet, via a mobile device.

Madam Agnes said: “She came through our office and we know she is in a proper place. She is where she’s supposed to be.”

When pressed further about the actual location of Bolanle, Madam Agnes repeatedly said she is with her sponsor. Lanre, who is said to have an office at 6, Marina Street, Lagos, a location which seems not to exist.

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