Movie Title: Amina
Cast: Omotola Jalade Ekeinde, Wil Johnson, Van Vicker, Vincent Regan, Alison Carroll, Susan Mclean


Since there is already a video review I will keep this brief and just made a few points.

The first point I would like to make is that Amina does not feel like a Nollywood movie. It is more like a Brit flick with a Nollywood actress playing lead role; a character who is not even supposed to be Naija in the movie for that matter.

The Good:

Omotola was very convincing as a mad woman. She did a great job and kept the act very understated and not over the top like a mad woman would be played in a typical Naija movie.

The use of flashbacks was very effective in telling the viewer the story of how Amina ended up in the mental hospital.

The mental hospital scenes were very realistic because they did their research well. Real nurses were used and they liaised with a local health authority. I have to gives thumbs up on the research aspect.

It was a very realistic and haunting portrayal of mental health. They went beneath the surface in exploring Amina's background.


Amina is played by Omotola Jalade Ekeinde who finds herself incarcerated in a mental hospital after suffering a series of life changing events. The only person who can help her is her psychologist played by Wil Johnson, who must overcome his own demons before he can help Amina confront her past. The psychologist happens to be a raging alcoholic with his own issues.

Produced by: Wil Johnson
Directed By: Christian Ashaiku
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